Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meanwhile back at the farm....

The last post I wrote was August 1, right before the 2011-12 school year started... and it's funny that the topic was about that panicky feeling I always get at that time of year. That was my last post... a month and a half ago. Daily I considered writing... considered posting... but my thoughts remain consumed with school thoughts at this time of year. My tasks revolve around school-related tasks such as grading papers, preparing lessons, and planning. I do this every year. Then when I get settled into the school year and get focused, I can take a deep breath and plunge back into my blogging again.

Meanwhile back at the farm.....

It's harvest time!

We have lots of pumpkins to sell...

We had worried about our harvest this year while we battled the squash bugs and cucumber beetles. And they did take a toll, as our pumpkins are much smaller this year. We have very few large jack-o-lanterns, but we have MANY medium and smaller ones. And the ones we have are beautifully shaped and perfectly colored. I love the variety we have this year.... green and white striped cushaws, gourds, and small decorative pumpkins galore.

And an added bonus... they sure make for pretty pictures!


  1. I love pumpkins, gourds, etc.... I always love the way they look around the house in fall. I lost my pumpkins to the squash bugs this year. BLAH!

  2. WOW, I wish I lived close enough to buy a pumpkin from you!