Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chloe the Farm Dog

Our boxer Chloe is so curious about the cows.  Notice her tongue in this picture?  She's licking this cow's nose! 

The calves are curious about her too.  They always want to sniff at her through the gate with their big wet noses. 

Occasionally they have a staring match.

Last winter I caught her in the middle of a face-off with this calf.

Deep inside I think she's secretly afraid of the cows, but she won't admit it.  She's always wanted to be a real farm dog, so I don't have the heart to tell her that she really serves no purpose.  I showed her pictures of cattle dogs on the internet, hoping she would see that she doesn't have what it takes, but she just won't take the hint.  So when she's around I call her Chloe the Farm Dog.  She says it makes her feel that her life has a purpose.

I told her that she had other important jobs around the house... like digging biscuits out of the snow.

And holding the rug down ....

And guarding the tractor....

And playing games with the boy....

Watching the kids when they're playing in rivers ....

Keeping the yard toys away from the lawn mower ....

And traveling with the family on camping trips.

"It all comes with the territory,"  says Chloe, "a farm dog's work is never done." 


  1. I love the pictures. Boxers are such curious, loyal and affectionate dogs.

  2. Well, I just found your blog, and have to say, I've been going over it, and have enjoyed it immensely !!!!! It's now on my favorite's list..and I LOVE this one about Chloe!!!
    Your home and surrounding land looks so inviting!