Monday, July 26, 2010


At the end of May, we did something we'd never done before.... we plowed the level bottom near the barn.  We plowed and plowed.  Then we picked up rocks.  Then we plowed some more.  Finally, on one hot Sunday afternoon we planted nearly 1000 pumpkin seeds. 

Steve made the hills, and my 15 year old son Alec followed behind putting six little pumpkin seeds in each hill. 

The pumpkin field stretched almost as far down the bottom as I could see. 
Planting the pumpkins was a family project, so the kids can take ownership.  Alec eagerly anticipated the first tender little sprouts popping out of the ground.  We studied every weed, every blade of grass ... until one day we spotted the unmistakable two-fold leaves that would eventually grow into 30 foot long vines that would grow our pumpkin crop!

Two hot (but still handsome) farmers at the conclusion of a job well-done.

One month later .......

We've had plenty of good rain and sunshine.  Pumpkin vines grow like crazy!

And we even have little yellow blooms!

And then in another two weeks.... pumpkin vines are every where!
Until FINALLY... the day we've been waiting for!  A perfect little green pumpkin graces us with his presence.  At this point the vines are too thick for us to walk between them, so we have no idea how many of these little guys are out there.... but we're hoping he has LOTS of friends! 

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