Thursday, September 23, 2010


Fall is officially here, and as testimony, the leaves are starting to turn into their brilliant palette of warm oranges, yellows, and reds.  We have picture-perfect autumn landscapes here in West Virginia.  I don't live in the mountain region... just the hills of central West Virginia.  Here the rugged hillsides are dotted with farms.  Farm houses are built on the sides of hills or in hollows between them, as in our case.  And there are cattle, old barns, and crooked farm fences everywhere .... perfect for pictures.

 I love old barns and wooden fences.

Calves meandering along the hillside.

I love the effect of the orange pumpkins against the white of the barn.

A late September evening on the farm.
With all the beautiful colors, and the cooler feel of the autumn air, it's no wonder fall is a favorite season for most people.

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  1. Nice blog (with lots of beautiful photos)! I guess us Bolte's need to stick together at least in the BlogUniverse!

    regards Mike Bolte (California)