Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letting their Lights Shine!

Since we had the pumpkin farm this year, we thought we should put the kids to work carving a few of the now-world-famous Bolte Pumpkins!!  Well.. maybe not world famous.  Well... maybe not famous really, but popular....  The now-popular Bolte Pumpkins!!
Alec pulling out the guts....

This one has an ugly side.  We kept the less-than-perfect ones for ourselves.  We are sympathetic....We understand what it feels like to have an ugly side.....  We encourage all our pumpkins to turn their good side toward the world and SHINE!

See?  Not bad!

These are the three jack-o-lanterns that Alec carved.....

Lewis carved the scary guy on the right....

And here they are ... turning their good sides outward and letting their lights shine!

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