Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Now I can go to the pumpkin field and see changes DAILY. I love that! It's always something to look forward to.... After my morning coffee, and after Steve leaves for work, I walk out into the misty morning, through the cool, dew-covered grass, past the still-quiet barn, to the pumpkin field.

The massive leaves have turned in the direction of last evening's setting sun, and they cover the new yellow blooms like umbrellas.

Yes, we have blooms! To my dismay, I had to order a new camera battery charger, so we are without pictures of these first delicate blossoms. I have a picture from last year, which will have to do, because the blooms are all alike, right? I just wanted to document the first blooms of this season... (pout face).

Isn't it a joy to walk to your garden and see the daily changes? The new beans coming on, the corn stalks shooting upward overnight, new tiny green tomatoes? I hope you have that joy too... there's nothing else quite like it.


  1. There's nothing like keeping the tradition going from one generation to the next while working in a's one of the blessings in life

  2. I agree. I love your pumpkin garden.