Sunday, July 3, 2011


As I begin to experiment and enjoy my fairly new photography hobby, I am starting to look at everyday things through new eyes, or at least from a different perspective. Sometimes the mundane... the ordinary... can look quite unique from varying angles.

Did you ever take the time to just lie in the grass with your camera?

Things that are quite small when you are standing suddenly become large through your camera lens.

And beautiful...

I don't normally see Chloe from this angle....


I think I like lying in the cool grass on a hot summer day. I like taking time to watch Chloe take time to smell the flowers.

The garden even holds some unexpected delights if you look the right way.... like this leaf on a pumpkin vine.

And this close-up of a first tomato bloom in the evening sun.

The world looks equally beautiful looking up!

1 comment:

  1. I like your point of view. :-)

    I just adore those little white flowers bells. I will have to ask my botanist husband to identify the species. I so love how the sun casts a glow on plants during the early evening. It is the prettiest green ever, and you captured it. You are a natural at photography. I love picture stories.

    OK, and is Chloe the best model ever?! What a cute pooch.