Saturday, June 25, 2011

Come on in......

Welcome to our humble abode!...
This is the sign that greats visitors to our front door. It's very special because it was handmade by my younger son, Alec, at 4H camp last year. I LOVE it!

I don't really have a decorating style... not one that you would put a name to or find in a country magazine. But it is MY style, and I love it. It's primitive, warm, cozy, peaceful, relaxing, country, family.... it's home.

When you walk in, you are greeted with a mix of antique and just plain old... in other words, some of the decor is not old enough to be antique, but just OLD. My husband's mother collected mirrors and picture frames... this mirror was part of her collection, and it now hangs in our entry-way. The urn came from my kids' great-grandmother's farmhouse (you could say my "ex-grandmother-in-law"... but it sounds better the other way, I think).

The display I put together on the staircase landing... (another urn from the ex-grandmother-in-law's house... by the way, even though I divorced her grand-son many years ago, I loved her. She passed a few years back, and I'm thankful to have these urns.)

A beautiful old quilt we found in Steve's mom's antique trunk.... it now graces our stairway.

Another of my attempts-to-be-tastefully-primitive displays...

And nothing really tasteful about this... plaid on plaid. Hmmmmmm....

The wood stove has always been one of my favorite things in the house. In the winter, it is our only heat source. In the summer, it gets to display some of my painted primitive boxes.

This is my mis-matched hodgepodge corner, which I love. The old lamp is another treasure from Steve's family. The chair was discovered in an uncle's home after his death... it was actually hand-painted by another aunt-by-marriage. Notice the table covering? It was my very own baby quilt.. made by my aunt when I was born 41 years ago!

The silhouette image is of my older son, Kyle -- now 18 -- this was made when he graduated from preschool. What a treasure! And the basket? It's special too .. made with love from a friend and fellow teacher, Jo.

What's that mess in the window? I told you I didn't have a decorating theme! It's not country, not primitive, and doesn't fit in with the rest of the decor... but they are beach treasures... from a vacation with my husband on a clear, cool November day before we were married. How could I not display these?

There's probably some rule against this in a decorating how-to book... I'm sure you're not supposed to display pine cones and sea shells within so many feet of each other?

Basket collection...

And more baskets! I love the basket tree in the corner. But talk about organized clutter!.. it almost hurts your eyes, huh?

The kitchen.
The china cabinets behind the table contain a mix of old and new... but again, all treasures in some way.

My oldest and favorite is this pitcher.... it belonged to my grandmother (mom's mother) who is pictured here. And before that it belonged to my grandmother's mother... priceless.

I have to wrap up my tour with a shot of my younger son, Alec... on the couch with his iphone.

That's a peak into my house, my life. We don't have anything expensive... but it's all priceless. Decorate with what you love... display your treasures, and it will be beautiful.


  1. I love your decorating style and all your "stuff". It all looks beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Angie! So glad you stopped by to see my "mess".. :)

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, Stephanie!! I love that primitive/country style...very pretty.
    That pitcher is so different. I'm sure it's very special to you, and how great that you found the quilt and displayed it so it's not hidden away! There's something special about decorating with things made by friends and family, or something that's been passed down. :)

  4. I like that last treasure the best....he seems like such a good kid!! Everything is place is decorated in early box right now, cardboard everywhere from us packing up!

  5. Lovely, Stephanie. Very warm and inviting. I grew up (where I live now) near Stumptown and we spent practically every Saturday in Spencer. I have such fond memories of those trips. Went there yesterday to Price's Market; been there since I can remember.

    I do digress. Love your pictures and your blog!

  6. I love your blog. I came here through West Virginia Treasures. I think you've done a wonderful job of tasteful primitive. I'm your newest follower.

  7. I adore the sign your son made you. It is perfect.

    Thanks for sharing a look inside your beautiful home. It looks like a comfortable space.

  8. Awww -- what a lovely home you have, Stephanie. It's a bit like my old farmhouse, but much neater! I gotta work on that. Seriously.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I truly appreciate it! :)

  9. Your old quilt is magnificent!

  10. I love your clutter! My house is like that, also. I have so much 'stuff.' I am sentimental and my family stuff is priceless to me. The only drawback is the dusting.