Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This morning after Steve left for work, I had to pack a suitcase and head to an out-of-town conference. While I was packing, I saw the cutest thing.....A note he had written to himself in his own messy handwriting...

It was apparently a list of reminders to himself. At the bottom of the list he wrote, "egg salad" so he wouldn't forget what to eat for supper! I had told him several things to remember to do in my absence (because you know, there are just certain things that WIVES do and not husbands).... and one of those things I mentioned was that I had made egg salad and put it in the fridge for sandwiches. I thought it was terribly cute that he had to write that down. And it made me feel so very important and needed. So I wrote a little note to him at the bottom... if he sees his list, and if he remembers to eat the egg salad, he'll see my note to him.

I hate to be away from him when I have to travel ... which thankfully, isn't often. Many times we'll arrange it so he can accompany me on my trip. But unfortunately, this time he had to stay home and mow hay. What's that saying... "You gotta make hay when the sun shines."... well the sun is shining, so the love life sometimes gets put on hold.

He keeps bugging me to post certain pictures... and I keep telling him I will post those pictures when I WRITE about that topic.... I try to explain to him that you just don't post random pictures in the blog... but he gets impatient. So for my husband, whom I miss terribly this evening....

A picture of the hay in the barn.....

Often this time of year, the hay is stacked to the rafters and the barn is full. This year, we were able to sell some hay right out of the field... and we still have a field or two to cut... so the barn is not yet full.

And a picture of a group of calves meandering around the hill in the early morning ....

I love you Steve.... you are my other half, and I am incomplete when I am away from you. I'll see you in two days.


  1. Oh, what a sweet post. I like the picture of you two together.
    It is nice to feel needed.♥ I'm sure he'll see your note. :)

  2. P.S. Thank you for the anniversary wishes! :)

  3. I love when I hear people appreciating their significant other. You two make a sweet couple.

  4. How cute to find a note that your husband wrote to remember things you told him! Too bad he couldn't go on your trip with you.

    We let our neighbors cut our hay because we don't need it. They cut it but they haven't baled it yet. It's been sitting in the field for a few days now. They can be so slow at times that I'd like to just mow it!

  5. I completely understand. Sometimes I think we have to feed it to them or food would go bad in the fridge. My husband loves salad, but one of those bags would go bad in the fridge if I didn't get it out and put it in a bowl for him.