Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ellie Mae

This is Ellie Mae! We got her about two months ago, and I've posted a couple random pictures, but I've never officially introduced her.

She is a mammoth donkey, and I don't really know what that means exactly... but she IS quite large, so maybe that's all it means.

We don't really know what she is good for yet... but she's gotta be good for something. We've heard (and read on the internet) that donkeys are good to run with cattle to protect them from coyotes. Well, maybe so... but our Ellie Mae doesn't particularly like cattle. She is kind of a loner.

She runs free in the pasture, happily munching all the grass she wants. Then often she'll mosey down to the barn lot of the evenings to beg a handful of grain or sweet feed.

We thought it would be kind of fun for kids to be able to pet her when they come to pick out pumpkins in the fall. Here she is with my nieces.

I love the fact that she smells like a horse (don't horses have the most unique smell ever?), she has large soft ears, and droopy eyes.

She's only four years old. Donkeys have a very long lifespan of about 50 years, so I hope in time she comes in handy for something!

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  1. Donkeys come in handle for good mental health. My Earl works wonders on me. I just love your Ellie May. She has personality! :-)