Thursday, August 19, 2010

The finished head gate

Steve's masterpiece is complete!  The new head gate is all he's worked on for the past couple of weeks, but he's finally finished.... well, it needs a few touch-ups, but it's usable now. 

Steve and Lewis actually took it for a trial run over the weekend when they vaccinated the cows.  It worked pretty well, but a full grown cow actually got turned around in this chute, so it's gotta be modified just a bit.

Steve is proud!  He's really been after me to post pictures and write in the blog about his new head gate.  It WAS a lot of work.... in the sticky heat of mid-August.  We've had temperatures here in the upper 90s.... a few days reaching 100 degrees, and the humidity has been high, so it feels like 110 every day.  So, it's no wonder Steve feels a sense of accomplishment of having finished this thing! 

Lookin' good Honey!  Smile!

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