Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In with the new....

New cows!  They just arrived today.  The idea is to fatten them up on our lush green pastures and then sell them in a few months. 

New high school marching season!  Since our school is very small and very rural, we have only ONE middle school and ONE high school in the entire county.... and they are actually in the same building which forms the Calhoun County Middle / High School.  We have about 650 kids in the entire building.  Our little marching band is called a high school band, but since our school is a middle/high school, students are allowed to join marching band in the 7th grade instead of having to wait until 9th.  My son Alec is going to be a freshman this year, but this is his third year in the marching band. 

Practicing the new field show! 

New mouth contraption!  We had to leave band practice early today to drive to the orthodontist to get this thing... ugh!  Apparantly Alec's jaw is not lined up exactly right, and this thing is supposed to help!

New way of fixing corn.  Because of Alec's new mouth contraption, I had to cut the corn off the cob for him.

New purse in a new pattern called Julia Barcelona!  I got this in Charleston after the orthodontist appointment.  I got a special deal in honor of Vera Bradley's birthday.  Happy Birthday Vera! :)

New job!  I've been teaching 7th and 8th grades for ten years, but I just found out yesterday I'll be teaching 6th grade this year.  I'll be moving to a new bigger and better classroom. I'm excited about the change!

New pretty things!  I made a quick trip to my favorite primitive shop last week and purchased this little basket for our closet door knob.

More new pretty things from the primitive shop!  I love these little wooden pears and apples.

New pets!  Alec got new gerbils Saturday.  He named them Ricky Bobby and Texas Ranger. 

Out with the old... in with the new!  I love new!

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